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As a Nigerian webhosting company that understands the importance of good, reliable and quality web hosting for businesses and individuals, we took an insightful tour into what Africa hosting providers are doing wrong and why they fail to live up to expectations and hope website owners placed in them.

In the course of the research, we discovered that these hosting providers have broken the hearts and businesses of many companies and startups in the country much time and over. This has left them to yearn for reliable alternatives. Over the years, this hosting experience has taken a downward motion. Or what would you call an alarming 50% downtime for an online business? By calcu-timing, the implication is that your website will be six months off the internet in a year. Meaning, you’ve just crossed the thin line from boom to doom.

To help websites owners in Nigeria choose wisely, we look into some of the issues with web hosting companies in Nigeria. Not to paint a black picture of any, but to set the benchmark for our improvement.

Poor Hosting Platforms
With no gainsaying, there’s every possibility that we don’t have any full-fledged web host company in Nigeria. What do we mean by “full-fledged?” Many of Nigeria’s web hosts are resellers, and there’s no crime in that. Every business needs to start somewhere, but what are the measures and the futuristic approach to their services?

The fact is; they lack the infrastructure to set up hosting servers, the financial capability and the technical know-how to cope with the industry demand and this is the reason why most of these companies provide only shared hosting. Nevertheless, they can do better by at least choosing a reputable and reliable company to resell. Not that everything will remain smooth forever, even with the world most reliable company in the hosting realm, there is a possibility of hiccups, but for the sake of businesses in Nigeria. For that reason, Teqporte has seen it as a necessity to rescue Africans from the chaos of now and then, as we introduce the most reliable and advanced hosting platform Africa will ever have and that’s what we are working towards.

Horrible Customers Services
We’ve seen customers loathing on forums and social media about the support and help department of web hosting companies in our nation. There are also cases of providers neglecting complaints of their customers when issues arise; neither responding to their mail messages nor picking up calls. They live their customers in pathetic situations.

The first thing customers want is to be assured you are there for them, even before proffering solution to their complaints. Picking their calls, responding to the ticket is the first step to this assurance. It is only then they feel at ease that someone is listening to their demand. Maybe or maybe not, at best, some of these service providers don’t respond because they lack the technical know-how, and at worst the few that do have no solution to offer.

At Teqportecloud.com, our
customer service personnel is a team of in-house professionals; they are professionals with technical expertise. They respond fast to queries and mail even while on the go.

Poor Business Mentality
Another problem we inferred is that most of these companies pick up web hosting through the windows and use the backyard approach. Since it seems relatively easy to resell and get some pay-cut from the resources provider, they fail to realize this a business and a serious one indeed.
They lack the passion and dedication to take full charge of this and no futuristic plan to scale the business for a better tomorrow. Many even see this as a side hustle, or what would you call a one-person hosting company? All to come online and launch an online secret seminar to the delight of others and at the peril of innocent business owners. Let’s say it the Nigerian way “Chop and Go.”

Serious entrepreneurs plan their businesses even before starting as they are not just interested in making the bounties of the market. Rather, they want to deliver the best with the mindset that real businesses are driven by customers. That sounds more like us.

Empty Promises
Many web hosting companies use deceptive languages as part of their marketing strategies, phrases like unlimited resources and 100% uptime begs for clarification, if it’s even possible.

No matter the hosting type and how best the company services are, there are limitations to what physical servers and hosting can offer. Consider this as your desk computer; there is always a limit in terms of space, ram, memory and speed. And since servers are also computers, these limitations are unavoidable.

Many web hosting service providers in the country hide behind inviting figures and captivating adjectives to get customers on-board. The fact in the world of web hosting is that there’s always a cap, irrespective of web hosting plan. These resources caps are by standard sufficient for typical users. Hence, failure to provide hard figures are an indication of something fishy. And when users seem to be consuming much of this seemingly unlimited resources, the web hosting company bring in the limitation axe.

Adverts Overdo
The first thing that crosses our mind as we witness a local company proclaiming what some of the world-leading company could not boast is outright ingenuity. In our pursuit of fact to become a better hosting for Nigerians, we dug into the root of some prominent hosting providers in Africa, and to our surprise, many are making this business scam-like. With an array of features that need more than a hundred-man team to manage, we see a group of super motivated ten trying to make up.

This so-called company will advertise they offer A to Z, while in reality, the A is much for them to chew.

At teqportecloud.com, we want our service to do the talking, instead of preaching the gospel of sanctity. Our doors are open for improvement at all times, and we take business as an on-going process and not an overnight success. In a nutshell here’s our advice for other companies, don’t say what you can do. Don’t fool your clients into getting your package as it’s on the long run worse than no client at all.tWant to experience the flexibility of cloud hosting? You can check out teqportecloud.com to learn more about our services and packages. Meet you on the other side…