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Now you are ready to bring your business online. Everything starts with a good webhosting and your business deserves one and the earlier you get it right the better.

Your business’s online home is called your website. It’s build on a plot of land on the internet called the host and can be located by a unique home address called the domain. Hence, if you need a website for your business, it must be hosted on a server somewhere.

Hosting is the process of putting your business information on a server connected to the internet. This Teqportecloud.com powered write-up will guide you through the basic process of hosting your website. Getting hosting right will make reaching your audience hassle-free. It will as well make your data available to them at any time, in any part of the world.cloud.com

Can I Host My Website at Home?

Servers are designated special computers on which special application called web servers are installed. The purpose of this application called web server is to act as an input and output interface, i.e. receive incoming request from a web browser and respond by delivering the requested page to the browser.

Simple enough, you can host your website locally on your own, provided you have the resources and the technical requirement needed. But if you can’t cope with an overwhelming bunch of technical jargon, why do it yourself, when there are thousands of hosting companies like Teqporte that are reliable and ready help you?

Setting up your personal hosting server at home can be as good as you think, but if you aren’t that tech savvy guy, you might be left to rue significant loses when things go wrong. The sensible option is to use a reliable hosting company if that is not you. This is by far the easiest and most embraced approach used by many website owners.

Local hosting may appear pretty affordable and for that reason appeal to your subscription, it isn’t typically powerful enough to run even the smallest website with minimalistic features. Your resources will get bored down and your website might suffer from very slow loading time.

So, How Do You Host a Website?
Almost all businesses on the internet signed up with a hosting company to host their website. The handful that do hosting their way are tech giants like Google, Amazon and Microsoft, and the reason is not far-fetched. They are capable of handling the technical and financial burden that comes with it. Others, including some of the world-leading companies like Netflix (host on Amazon) and PayPal (host on Google Cloud) use the service of hosting providers. Hosting companies are the go-to option for most website owners and that’s where we’ll be focusing our effort.

To host your website, there are lots of decision-making that can make the process overwhelming and confusing. Fortunately, once you understand the basics, your path to hosting will be direct and straightforward, and at the end, you can boast a website that works best for your business.
Here’s a stepwise approach…

Step 1: What Type of Hosting Is Best for Your Site?
There are various types of web site hosting you may need to consider – all with their respective downs and upsides. The popular ones are; Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. Startup find benefits in shared hosting as a great place to start, whereas established enterprises with go after others for better performance and more uptime.

Cloud hosting is a new technology that guarantees 100% uptime. You can learn more about how this hosting types compare to one another and why we believe cloud hosting from Teqporte is the best.
You may become curious as to how much hosting cost, the direct answer is that; it varies from site to site. But since all websites offer majority of these plans, you’d notice shared hosting is the cheapest of all, followed by cloud hosting, to VPS, then dedicated hosting.

Step 2: Compare Features from Different Companies
After identifying what type of hosting will work best for you, your next line of action is to look for platfroms that provide the hosting you need, which we’ll recommend cloud hosting for its load of benefits.

A hosting platform is a third party service provider that charges you monthly for managing your site data and traffic. In essence, they provide a home for your website. The best of which are affordable, scalable and easy to maintain and the worst ones are the complete opposite. These platforms take care of technical task pertaining to your website and ensure its availability and accessibility to users anywhere in the world.

Prices and features are the common things that vary from company to company. Your best shot is what will work best based on your preferred hosting choice. Some of the common features we provide you at Teqporte Cloud and which website company are expected to offer irrespective of plan include; Domain name registration, SSL certificate, Automated website backup, site builders, Google ads credit, Firewall scans and other security features. Content delivery networks, Control Panel, WordPress quick installation, Email services, and many more.

To compare providers, you need to put your technical requirements coupled with your budget at the fore front. Note, spending time in comparing which extra feature your site needs will on the long run worth the time.

Step 3: Choose A Website Hosting Platform
After considering hosting plans and features from different company, you need to make a choice. Another thing you should consider is how the company performs as a whole and here are some of the key areas to look into; Uptime, support, bandwidth, WordPress integration etc.

Which company you select is therefore dependent on your priorities. Uptime is inevitable in all cases while others like free domain are less important by comparison. Different platforms are known for different things, Bluehost is called the best WordPress host the world over, while Teqporte is the king of uptime in Africa.

Step 4: Get The Best Value Worth
Rather than looking for the cheapest plan to invest in, it is better to look for the value that your budget can give. There are many hosting providers that flaunt cheap prices on their website but with lack behind the scenes means to provide what they boast. Freebies, renewal cost and added cost are some of the ways for making it up which you must watch out for.

Web hosting is said to be pricey-better for any provider, which mean the higher the cost the greater the features provided. You need just to be sure which provider does it better at an affordable price without harming your business goal.

Since you are the only one that can say which plan is best for you, the best recommendation is comparing and choosing not the cheapest, but the best value for your money.

Step 5: Get A Domain Name
Your unique digital address is called the domain, ours is www.teqportecloud.com Google’s is www.google.com. For anyone to find you on the internet you will need this address.
It is worthy of mention that getting a domain name need not come as the last step. You can register your domain elsewhere and host your website on a separate platform. It’s here because nearly all providers now offer domain name registration in their hosting plan, and mostly as a freebie in the signup process.
Alternatively, you can register your domain with a specialized domain registrar and link to your host server when you finally settle for one. And there’s nothing technical about this, your web host are likely to take care of this as part of your signup packages.
A domain name is at best simple to remember, usually not too wordy, number-free and character-free.
If you are considering switching from your hosting platform to a more reliable cloud hosting from Teqporte Cloud, there’s no worry about losing your domain name as they are separate services. Changing your hosting company has nothing to do with your domain name, even if you registered with that company or more so, you get it as a signup freebie.

As a tech company whose interest is affording website owners in Nigeria the experience of world-class web hosting services, we understand hosting a website can be sort of challenging and overwhelming, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you.
That’s fairly simple right? March on with courage and get your site hosted with a new or existing domain. Teqporte Cloud is already waiting to leave you with just one worry and guess what that is? Focus on your real business.

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