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Cloud hosting has proved to be the world most reliable hosting alternative to all other styles of hosting. Rather than utilizing a single server, it uses numerous servers to publish your website and make it available to the world.
Despite the ever-increasing adoption and the worldwide advocacy for business owners to switch to cloud hosting, Africa – Nigeria in particular – is still the part of the world is yet wake up to this call. This part of the world fails to keep up with latest technology and her prominent web hosting platforms are yet to put a firm foot forward to avail business owners this opportunity.

Teqporte Cloud is a Nigeria hosting company that’s dedicated to bringing this revolutionized way of hosting to Africa. If you are curious to know more about how our hosting works, you’d be good to read on.

Why Cloud Hosting?
Could hosting is typically designed to deliver optimum and non-interruptible web services for providers and end users collectively. But how is this possible? Unlike other type of hosting which depends on a particular single server. Cloud hosting involve the amalgamation of many servers connected together to act as a single server.
Hence, the probability of downtime, slow page loading, traffic jam and data loss is reduced to nearly zero.

Why Teqporte Cloud?
Teqporte cloud is on a mission to give the best webhosting experience to Nigeria and Africa at large. We offer a lot of customizable and affordable hosting options according to user’s needs without having to spend extra cost.
Provider’s horrible support service has been a major pain point for website owners in Africa and we understand that. That’s why Teqporte prioritizes customer service. We operate a 24/7/365 support service through live chat, phone call, ticket, email and our customers can get help using our blog and knowledge base.

Our hosting infrastructure are built to create multiple copies of your website and keep them on different servers with frequent and automatic backups. This is to guarantee zero to no downtime, on eventuality of errors, you will never have to rebuild your website. Our servers include 100% SSD storage which guarantees lightning-speed.

All our hosting plan comes with SSL certificate and other website security programs like server-level firewall. You will get an intuitive dashboard that facilitates ease of managing your website like a pro. Also, our package comes with built-in website acceleration suite with no bandwidth limit.

Teqportecloud.com offers whatever you are looking for; the Lightning-fast speed regardless of traffic, the top par security that leaves no loopholes, and the reliability that guarantees all-time satisfaction.

Many web hosting companies use off-the-shelf products and programs to power their web hosting services. The effect of this is that, these products are unable to integrate well together and scale with other resources and as such inhibits websites performance. More so, these products are built with older technologies and purposely for small enterprise, plus, they are designed to be used on a single server.

To efficiently utilize the power of cloud autoscaling, our team of developers have written our customized PHP form and OPcache. This proprietary code avails all websites hosted with us the resources needed and at no detriment to traffic surge. Plus, since our hosting infrastructure is not restricted by CloudLinux, our cores, bandwidth, memory and processes are unlimited.

Linux Platform
As the choicest platform for website owners, Teqporte Linux platform give maximum speed and security to your website. Our in-house experts have expended extra effort to fine-tune Apache for extra performance. With more than 70 open source apps that can be installed with a single click, you are likely to experience nothing like this in the past.

Windows Platform
For those Interested in Microsoft programs and scripts for their website, we’ve added some juicy options to the ordinary to provide the best plan. Our window hosting platform is more than robust, thanks to its IIS cluster backing, which gives extra redundancy. For websites that make use of ASP, ASP.NET, MS Access, and MS SQL, you will enjoy a fully secure and fast hosting with no single point of failure.

WordPress Platform
We offer WordPress lovers a managed WordPress hosting, designed by experts for lovers. With performance optimization tuning that makes any WordPress hosted on our platform load 48 times faster. Ranging from, WordPress installation, plugins and themes monitoring suite, timeline back up, code optimization to our own StackCache plugin, you are guaranteed more than speed.
Our Linux, Windows and WordPress platform comes with the following features;
100% SSD Storage: Our storage arrays use the world most powerful SSD storage, Samsung Enterprise SSDs.
Dual 12-Core Processors: Our servers are operated on a combination of multiple Dell web servers each with two 2.2 GHz Intel Xeon (Cascade Lake) 12-core processors with hyper threading. This gives 48 logical cores per machine to serve any size of website.
Data Security and Offsite Backup: Even in the worst of scenarios, your website will never experience any downtime. Total storage failure and whole server error are no fuss for our bake in security with the highest level of resilience.
Domain Name System: All websites hosted with Teqporte benefit from google DNS. The leading fiber network in the industry. It is fast and reliable regardless of traffic.
Global CDN: Your website is promised to load faster irrespective of users’ location. Our 20i CDN will cache your website data at different locations all round the world.

Website Acceleration Suite: We provide a suite of website speed boosting features that Compresses images, codes and files to enhance performance. Plus, a safe one-click optimization that puts total control of 40+ performance boosting features in your hand.

Why We Prioritize Customer Support and Help?

Customers service is the major department the Nigeria website hosting service providers have failed to meet up with expectations. Despite seeing and hearing the ailing call of disappointed customers, most companies come up with excuses rather than significant way out. Looking at this pathetic situation, Teqporte decided to re-invent the wheel. Why?
Technical error is inescapable in the tech world; web hosting not excluded.

At some point, no matter how great, competent, and experienced a company is, something is bound to go wrong; either with your website or server, except in a perfect world in which we are not. Besides performance, support and help is a crucial part of any hosting platform – especially when things go awry. In most cases, It’s the force that binds and separates client-provider relationship and that’s why Teqporte has laid unparalleled emphasis on it.
During trying times, we want our customers to be sure about our availability for instant solution. We want them to be ascertained their complaints are taken by hands-on experts. We offer 24/7/365 customer support via live chat and phone calls. Beyond that, our blog is loaded with solution-oriented posts to help our customers.