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A fast loading site is fundamental to the success of your online business. Everything starts with  the hosting infrastructure you selected on the set-out. Several indisputable research has linked  a high bounce rate to the website’s loading speed even more than design. No matter how much  you invested in ads and how much traffic it generates, there will be a high percentage of visitors  going elsewhere if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. 

More so, search engines, especially Google, take loading speed as an important metric of  indexing websites, which determines where your website ranks in search results. 

What This Means for Your Business 

The amount of money and effort you put into marketing may go into waste, not even waste  alone; you give your customers a go-elsewhere signal. Your ROI will not only be zero but with  deficits of minus trust. Put yourself in visitors’ shoes, we all love surfing the internet, especially  for things we dearly need, and any site that fails to load within a blink is quickly put behind as  we switch to a fast-loading alternative. 

Something Worse: Downtime 

There’s even something worse in case you don’t know; Website Downtime. Maybe your site  loads within the blink of an eye, and you’ve started rejoicing. Imagine your site just disappeared  off the internet. Once-beaten website owners would understand better. 

Ever seen a post like this on social media, “You’d better save yourself the stress off that  unreliable piece of crap called a website, it lives a day and die a day,” then your business name  follows in the caption. 

Can we call that a deathblow? Indeed, we could call it more. Your loving clients would love to  check it out to confirm, while new ones will quickly take to their heels. i.e., take their business  elsewhere. And if by that time you are still struggling with some hosting providers’ support  incompetence, the good-bad news is that you’ve just hit rock bottom. 

So, what next for your online business? You may want to consider packing up, not total pack up  in the real sense, but excuse yourself off the online space. Maybe you can do well with your  business offline. What if you sort this and there’s another around the corner; Only then do you  understand the importance of good web hosting. 

Let’s dive in deeper.

If you’ve understood that web hosting can be the maker or breaker of your online business,  let’s take a look at some of the importance of good web hosting and its impacts on your online  business. 

Speed Impact 

To keep up with the over-saturated internet environment, a fast-loading website is inevitable,  and its foundation is a good web hosting. Human beings are creatures of haste, and that’s no  one’s fault. Visitors don’t like it when your site makes them wait. Research has shown that 50%  of users leave a website that fails to load is a little as 3 seconds. 

So, what impact does this have on your business? Except for those who get web hosting spot  on, the equation “More traffic, more revenue,” is never directly proportional. With a bad  hosting, the inverse comes in two variations: “More traffic, low revenue and More expense, no  revenue.” Sounds too blunt? Let’s simplify further, and you can do the math. 

Good Hosting: 

Visitor land on your website; get the fastest loading time; stays on your site for long; take  action with your business; tell others about it, and become coming-back customers. This means  “More traffic, More revenue.” No bounce, good social proof, and high website ranking. All good  for business. 

Bad Hosting: 

A huge influx of visitors on your websites, get slow loading time, leave your website, tell others  about it. This means “More traffic, Low revenue.” High bounce rate, bad social proof, and bad  website ranking on the search page. All Bad for business. 

You spend effort on organic ranking, incurred expense in paid ads, and pay experts on design.  Visitors search find your business but find it difficult to stay because of loading time. They leave  your website and tell others about it. This means, “More expense, No revenue.” High bounce  rate, bad social proof, and bad website ranking on the search page. All Bad for business. 

What About Security? 

A secured website hosting is the heart of websites. You don’t want your website to be where  visitors’ personal information is leaked. And if you own an eCommerce store where sensitive  information like credit cards are input, you need to be more concerned. 

A good web hosting assures your protection in all eventualities. Virus, malware, hackers are a  potential threat looking for a vulnerable website to kick.

Amidst other security practices, you must be sure your provider enables https on your website  through what’s called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. This indicates to browsers and users  that your site is secure and can be trusted with their data. 

SSL is an encryption technology that ensures that data transferred from and to your website are  automatically encrypted and safe from malicious attacks. So, customers’ private and personal  information is hidden and protected from hackers. This is another essential way of building  trust with your audience. 

Website Backup Impact: 

The problem of poor web hosting isn’t limited to horrible servers and security; the inability to  help when things go wrong is also salt to customers’ injury. A responsible thing to do for  customers is to have their websites’ data backup, and this is what good web hosting platforms  do. 

Backups are done automatically and at intervals by hosting providers to keep a copy of all your  website information on their server. In case of any issue or attack, you can fall back to the  backup files and get your website up again. 

A poor web hosting means your website will suffer disruption and longtime unavailability. This  is a common knowledge in Nigeria hosting realm that makes business suffer. Whenever a site  goes down, it cost website owners revenue, affects search engine ranking, and tells customers  you cannot be trusted. 

Wrapping It Up 

The above are a few of the many ways web hosting can affect your online business. There’s no  means of enjoying a hitch-free hosting than switching to a reliable service provider. 

As a tech company interested in affording website owners in Nigeria and Africa a worthwhile  hosting experience, and world-class web hosting services, we understand that hosting a website  can be challenging and overwhelming. That’s why we’ve curated this piece to help you  understand some of the impact of web hosting on your online business. 

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