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Just like the effect of a good selling location or shop for your goods, web hosting has more  impact on your website. The effect of web hosting can often be overlooked or taken lightly, but  the consequences is devastating.  

Putting things in perspective, there is a strong relationship between the efficiency of your web  hosting and your ROI (Return On Investment). Your business benefits more from a good and  effective web hosting and loses credibility and revenue with bad hosting. 

Therefore, you should not host your website half-heartedly. You need to pay attention to  details and ensure your hosting is effective.  

Impact of Good Web Hosting On Your Website 

A good web hosting is the thin line between a successful business/website and a failing one.  Below are some ways good hosting can benefit your business.  

High Performance and Speed  

Research has shown that there is a good relationship between the speed of a website and sales  conversion. A page that loads faster attracts more customers and more sales. Speed also helps  improve the user experience, which leads to recommendations and, in turn, more customers.  

Similarly, the uptime is an important performance metric. If your website is unavailable half of  the time, nobody will do business on such a website. A good web host offers you about 99.5%  uptime guarantee. This means that your website will be available to customers most of the  time. 


With the current surge of attackers on the internet, website security should not be taken  lightly. A secured website breeds trust in customers and add efficiency to your business.  

A good web host will provide SSL certificate, frequent server monitoring, a strong firewall,  backup, and constant security maintenance. All of these will help protect your website from  attackers at all times.  

Credibility and Reliability  

With high performance and improved security comes credibility and reliability. These two  factors are important aspects of business growth.  

Credible and reliable websites have better representation online because customers feel at  ease doing business on the them.  

Search Engine Optimization and Ranking 

SEO is one of the ways to get improved revenue. Page load speed ranks amongst the top  determining factors of SEO ranking. Also, security and traffic can have telling effects on your  website’s SEO ranking.  

It goes without saying that, if you want your website near the top of the SEO ranking chart, a  good web host with high performance and speed is a must. Lastly, the reliability of your website  plays a role in your SEO ranking and even visibility on the chart. For example, if you make use of  a shared hosting plan with a dubious website on the same server as yours, the IP address of  your server might be flagged. This causes your website to be invisible on search engines.  

Rapid Growth  

All other benefits point to this one. This is understandable as it is the ultimate goal of every  business. Although there is more to it than good web hosting, it is still the defining factor.  

A good web host lays the foundation for the growth and progress you desire. It helps you  generate increased traffic, which is important for progress. Also, without credibility and  reliability, there is no way your website can grow. 

Check out our piece on the perfect hosting guide to read on what makes a good web hosting  service.  

How to Switch from a Poor Web Host to an Effective One 

If you have a horrendous experience with your web host or your business has outgrown their  resources, you don’t have to be stuck with them. Below are the two possible ways of switching  web hosts. 

Seek A Host That Will Help Switch Your Website 

With the competition in the web hosting industry now at an all-time high, hosts offer lots of  incentives to outwit their competitors. One of such incentive is free host migration. 

With this feature, host companies such as Teqporte cloud will help you transfer all of your files  from your previous host without paying a dime. Although, you might need to sign up for an  account first before you can enjoy this opportunity. But, considering the stress-free nature of  the operation, it is worth it. 

Hosts providers such as Teqporte cloud have migration experts that will automatically help you  transfer your data and create a new account for you. And if there is a need to transfer the data  manually, it will be done with resounding efficiency.  

However, make sure you do a good background check on the company you will be trusting with  your files. If they are credible, then they are your best bet.

Migrating Your Website Yourself 

In a case where you prefer handling your site migration yourself or if your desired web host  does not offer migration, then you can get it done yourself. However, if your firm has reliable IT  personnel, it is better if he/she gets to handle this task. 

But, if you don’t have such personnel, there are web hosts that provide migration guides. To  help ease your task, we have gathered the basic information you need to move your site  effectively.  

Sign Up with a New Host Before Terminating Your Existing Account 

You shouldn’t be in haste to cancel your existing account. Make sure you select a new host that  has what you want in a hosting company. Sign up and create an account with them without  deleting your existing account.  

This is because once you delete your account, you might not be able to retrieve your data. Move Your Files and Database 

This is the most important step; therefore, it should be done with care. You need to download  your files and databases from your old host. This has been made easy as host companies do  provide guidelines to help aid the process. 

After you have securely downloaded your essentials, you need to transfer your files to your  new host through FTP. Also, your databases should be uploaded and restored with an SSH or  control panel. 

Lastly, don’t leave out your emails. You should try to transfer them too or, at the minimum,  archive them for future use. 

Switch Your DNS Record: 

Once you have transferred your files and databases, you need to redirect your DNS to your new  provider. This can be done by requesting for change through the provider you got your domain  from. Also, you can easily get it done by changing your records on your Domain Name  management system. 

This change takes about a day or two to be effective. After about 48 hours, contact your new  host to confirm the changes.  

Terminate Your Old Account: 

You should delete your account once you are sure you have gotten all your essential files. There  is no need to keep something that is not working for you. 

With any of these two methods, you can take a defining step in saving your website from total  collapse in the hands of a failing web host.

Final Words 

Web hosting might be the most underrated aspect of websites and the internet as a whole, but  it is certainly the soul that keeps websites and online businesses alive. 

Choose your hosting right by committing to credible hosts like Teqporte cloud and make a giant  stride towards sustained online growth and success.